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A successful first year

1st December 2014

After an almost first year of hard work, CURTBIENTAL project has achieve first results. Development and finishing of phase 1 and 2 are expected to arise before 2014's end. In addition a first version of environmental tool has already been developed.  Hence, pre-industrial level tests are ready to start soon with the best perspectives to achieve project objectives. Main results of 2014:

  • It has been evaluated and selected the optimal strategy of non-sulfur oxidizing liming
  • Process of tanning at pilot and laboratory scale has begun with the evaluation of the technical and environmental feasibility of the new tanning process
  • A first evaluation for the integration of flows including regeneration and reuse of bathrooms has started
  • First results concerning protein recovery from wastewater of liming operations have been achieved
  • It has been pre-evaluated the environmental gain from the new process at the stage of liming through the methodology of Life Cycle Assessment
  • It has been determined the carbon footprint of skins tanned with the new process