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Curtidos Badia, S.A.

Company constituted socially in 1889, it has always maintained their philosophy of quality and attention to the client. Faithful to this philosophy and with the step of the years, we had known how to make its primordial objective based on offering innovative products according to the market to last and respectful with the environment, adapting to the changes and evolutions that the times required. Today, we enjoy a wallet of clients that stays season after season and that it grows day by day. In this line, we had consolidated as one of the important companies in the world of the tanned leather one, with a solid base and a promising future.


Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic

Fundació Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic aim is to efficiently contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and the technological development of companies by providing specialised services and carrying out R+D + IT projects. CTM´s team works for companies, organisations and institutions in the fields of materials technology, environmental technology, Bioengineering, energy, simulation and innovative design, forming processes, etc. When carrying out projects together with companies, Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic also searches, in a parallel and active way, for financing ways for the projects at an autonomic, state or European level and orientates customers in the different tax reductions related to R+D/IT projects which can be applied.

Escola d'Enginyeria d'Igualada - UPC

The Igualada School of Engineering (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) has experience in training tanning skills since 1958, when its predecessor was founded. Today the Igualada School of Engineering is a world-renowned center at the university level in tanning of leather and its Master's degree in Leather Engineering is attractive to students from around the world. In addition, our School offers the students the opportunity to study abroad through several international exchange programs. It also maintains cooperative agreements with private companies that provide students with practical workplace experience while earning credits toward a degree.